regalo bed rail review

If you don’t want to take up any of your baby’s sleeping space, then Regalo bed rail is the perfect choice for you. These bedside rails are the ultimate safety gadget that you need for securing your baby’s bed. Regalo’s bed rails are one of the top-selling bed rails in the Amazon bed rails category as well. You can easily use these bed rails on your adult bed if you want to start bed-sharing with your little one.

The best part of using Regalo’s bed rails is their length. These bed rails are quite long, which makes them suitable for large-sized beds such as queen, twin & double-sized beds. When you set these toddler bed rails on your kid’s bed, you will be tension free as there’s no space left on the side of your kid’s bed from where he/she can fall. You can easily use these bed rails on beds with thicker mattresses as they support box springs. The Regalo bed rails are super secure as they come with a steel frame that provides added security to your child’s bed minimizing the chances of falls. Other than the steel frame, there’s an added feature in this fantastic bed rail known as the “Gap Guard.” Because of this ‘Gap Guard’ feature, you can rest assured that these bed rails won’t fall as they are tightly attached to the bed using two braces.

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The specifications of these bed rails are well suited for all large-sized beds. Its length is 43-inches and height is 20-inches, so you can easily use it with thick mattresses and on the twin to queen-sized beds. Also, Regalo also offers an extra-long bedside rail that is 54 inches long and 20 inches high. Another fantastic feature of the Regalo bedside rails is hideaway. Because of this feature, you can easily tuck in this bed rail between the mattress and the bed keeping its set-up out of sight.

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Cleaning Regalo bed rail is super easy; you don’t have to wash it to clean it; all you need to do is take a cloth and wipe it clean. And when you feel that you don’t need these bed rails, for the time being, you can always fold them down.

  • Easy to install.
  • Anchor strap provides added security to your child’s bed.
  • Comes with limited 90 days warranty
  • Made of durable material
  • Follows ASTM Safety standards
  • Economical.
  •  You can only use it with box spring.
  • You cannot use this bed rail on a king-sized bed.
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