The transition of a child from the crib to bed is just more than a task. Knowing that your child is sleeping safe and sound, you can also enjoy a good night’s sleep with peace of mind. Are you looking for secure yet comfort giving bed rails? Then ComfyBumpy Bed Rail is the one you have been looking for. These bed rails assure you that your child sleeps all night peacefully long.

If you are in want of an adjustable bed rail that you can use on any bed, then ComfyBumpy bed rails are perfect for you. This universal model fits all bed types. You can use these bed rails on any bed you want to let it be; twin beds, doubles, queens, and king-sized.

This unique bed rail is the only product in the market which offers triple safety and security with its features. It tightly holds and fastens the slats bases and springs using Velcro. It also safely connects the wood bases using a screw. The usage of straps under mattresses is also a feature that assures security. The innovative design of flat metal bars underneath the mattress also provides additional safety.

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The ComfyBumpy bed rail has a pull-on latch, which allows you to easily pull down the bed rails that are very helpful. This adjustable feature allows easy access to the bed and does cleaning and changing of linens way easier.

This durable bed rail is an amazing option for parents who are looking for a bed rail that is multipurpose, which means that while providing maximum security to their little one, the bed rail is also sleek and stylish. It has a breathable mesh padding on its sides, which prevents suffocation. This bed rail will not disappoint you in terms of its quality. By using the highest quality of metal and mesh, ComfyBumpy ensures that the bed rail stays sturdy and firm.

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After buying the product, the first thing that comes to mind is its installation. This product is ideal to use as it is very easy to assemble. There are two sizes and two colors available so that the buyer can choose according to his needs.

  • Adjustable / Convertible cribs.
  • Easy to install/assemble.
  • Only bed rail that accommodates all types of beds.
  • Breathable mesh padding.
  • Smooth and stylish designing.
  • Sturdy / firm.
  • High-quality construction material; metal and mesh.
  • Choice of two sizes: regular, extra-long.
  • This bed rail literally has no downside.
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