Parents often misunderstand that their children are old enough to sleep alone. There is no sound scarier than hearing your child cry because they fell out of bed. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it is frightening. Raising children is hard, and it requires a lot of sacrifice from all those teething episodes to sleepless nights. Understanding your child is the most important part of parenting and ensuring that they are getting enough sleep is essential too.

What are Bed Rails for Kids and Why You Need Them?

You can never leave your child alone on a bed. You must know that children tend to move a lot in their sleep, and because of this problem parents don’t get enough sleep. For solving this problem bed rails can be the best solution. Bed rails can help in preventing kids’ from falling out of the bed and provide a feeling of comfort and security to the parents. Some people might take the idea of buying bed rail as an added expense but it has become a pure necessity. Bed rails for kids help the parents, keeping their minds at ease that their child is sleeping safe and sound.

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The basic reason why most parents use toddler bed rails is the sense of safety that it provides to the children. When we move children from their small cradles to large beds, they get scared and this is where bedside rails come in handy. These bed railings provide a sense of containment to your kids’ which helps in making them feel safe & secure in their bed. The bed rails for kids helps in providing an extra protective shield to your baby’s bed that it lacks.

When to Start using Bed Rails for Kids?

You must be wondering that when is the right time to start using bed rails? Children grow pretty fast one day they are in your lap and in the next they are crawling. The phase of transition of your babies from their cradles to their beds is a worrisome phase for parents. Here’s where you will need the use of these bed guard rails. With these bed safety rails, you can rest assured that your child will not fall off the bed while sleeping. So, if you ask us that when is the right time to start using bed rails? The answer is when you shift your kids from a cradle or cot to a bed. Most of the parents move their children to the bed between the age of 2 to 3. As soon as you move your child to the bed, experts advise that you should start using bed rails to prevent your kids from rolling out of bed.

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When to Stop using Bed Rails for Kids?

Do many parents ask that when can they stop using bed rails? According to experts when to stop using bed rails depends entirely on the parents. You can stop using bed rails whenever you feel that your child is old enough to sleep alone without falling off his/her bed. Usually, parents stop using bed rails when their children are of or near to 5 years or older. Once you are sure that your kid won’t fall his/her bed while sleeping you can stop using toddler bed rails for kid’s bed.

In short, you can stop using bed rails whenever you feel that your child can sleep independently without one. And remember that it totally varies from child to child when they can stop using bed rails. Moreover, it also depends on how the parents encourage them to be independent. Most parents remove the rails as soon as their child reaches the age of 5. As most of the children feel more secure and safe sleeping alone.

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To sum it all up, bed rails are a necessity rather than an accessory for your kids’ bed. They help in providing a safe and secure sleeping environment for your child where you and your child both can be tension free. The perfect time to start using a bed rail is when you shift your baby from their cradles to a bed. Whereas the aging time to stop using bed rails depends entirely upon the parent and it varies from child to child.

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