Bed Rails For Kids – Best Toddler Bed Rails Comparison

A good night’s sleep is crucial for the proper development and growth of a baby. Sleep plays a vital role in everyone’s routine and is key to approach a healthy lifestyle. Getting an adequate amount of sleep can help you in getting rid of many mental and physical problems. Everybody needs a break at the end of the day and sleep provides that necessary break. Children who enjoy a good amount of sleep are more active, attentive, and quick learners than those who don’t. But the basic problem that most of the parents face is how to ensure that your baby is sleeping safely and he/she won’t fall off the bed? Making sure that your baby is getting the right amount of sleep and is safe as well can be a bit tricky. Fret not as there are many products present in the market these days like bed rails for kids that can help you.

Bed Rails, Cribs & Bumpers:

There are many products available in the market that can help you in ensuring that your baby is enjoying a safe and sound sleep. Parents are using products like cribs & cradles since ancient times for keeping their babies sleep safely at night. Medical experts recommend that you must make your baby sleep in the same room at least for the first six months. Therefore, for an infant sleeping in a separate cradle or crib is safer than sharing the same bed as their parents. Whereas, for toddlers, you should prefer sharing beds with parents and use toddler bed rails for ensuring their safe sleeping.

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What are Bed Rails & Why You Should Use One?

Generally speaking, bed rails are railing for your bed that will help in preventing your toddler from falling from bed while sleeping. If you have a toddler in your home then setting up toddler bed rails with your bed will give you peace of mind. There are many benefits of bed rails for kids, they provide extra safety to your kids and you can also postpone buying a mini bed for your baby. Another benefit of using toddler bed rails is containment, with bed rails you can easily keep your toddler contained on your bed. Bed rails are important for getting your babies used to sleeping on a bed, they’re essential for cradles to bed transitions. When you install bed rails on your bed you can rest assured that your little one won’t fall off the bed while crawling or rolling.

With these bed rails, you can work tension freely around your home while your little one is sleeping peacefully in their bed.

Best Toddler Bed Rails For Kids:

After checking out a lot of bed rails ourselves, here is our list of the best bed rails for kids present in the market and amazon this year:

Product NameCustomer RatingsCheck Price
Regalo Bed Rail4.3 out of 5 Check Price
Hiccapop Bed Rail4.6 out of 5 Check Price
Summer Infant Bed Rail4.4 out of 5 Check Price
Dream On Me Bed Rail4.4 out of 5 Check Price
ComfyBumpy Bed Rail4.5 out of 5 Check Price

1) Regalo Bed Rail:


If you’re worried about taking up your child’s sleeping space with bumper bed rails than these guardrails are the perfect choice for you. Regalo’s bed rails are the best bed rails if you don’t want to take any of your kid’s sleeping space. This bed rail by Regalo is a swing down bed rail with a reinforced anchor for extra safety and security for your child. Due to its movable nature, you can easily pull it up and down as per your convenience. It has a full steel frame that will act as a strong barrier for your child preventing him/her from falling off the bed. This bed rails for kids by Regalo also has a strong grip on your mattress because of which it can’t fall off from your child’s bed. Moreover, you can easily use this bed rail on thicker mattresses and large-sized beds.

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  • It comes with a built-in gap guard system that keeps these bed rails fixed in their place.
  • Its really easy to set up and it requires no special tool for setting up.
  • The mesh of these bed rails and the railing covers are both washable.
  • With its movable railings, it’s very easy & convenient to use. You can easily pull these rails up or down as you want.
  • The only downside of this amazing bed rail is that it needs a box spring for setting up.

2) Hiccapop Bed Rail:


This bed rail from Hiccapop is much more than just a bed rail. It is a bumper cum bed rail that doesn’t give that caged feeling to your kids like other toddler bed rails. Stanford university invented these bed rails on passive-safety protection mechanism which creates a natural safety response whenever your child touches this bed rail. It comes with a CertiPUR US foam filling that is free from all toxic chemicals like lead, mercury, formaldehyde, etc. These bumper toddler bed rails are highly durable, waterproof and comfy. They come with washable, removable water-resistant covers that come with non-skid fabrics keeping them firmly at their place. They are really easy to install unlike other metallic bed rails; you just need to adjust them under your kid’s bedsheet and voila! They’re all set for use.

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  • Economical: These bumper bed rails from Hiccapop are quite economical. You can easily get them under $50.
  • Safe & Secure: These bumper bed rails for kids are super secure and safe for your little ones. As they don’t contain any railing, therefore, the risk of your child getting stuck in one is no more.
  • Easy to install: These bed rails from Hiccapop are really easy to install and use.
  • There are basically no cons of this product but still, it needs proper anchor support mechanism.
  • Poor Anchor Support: You can say if it comes it with a solid anchorage it would be better. When your toddler grows bigger there’s a possibility that he/she may misplace these bumper bed rails while sleeping.

3) Summer Infant Bed Rail:


If you’re looking for double bed rails for your bed then look no further because these toddler bed rails by Summer Infant is all you need. These dual-sided bed rails will ensure that your babies are secure from both sides while they sleep. You can use these bed rails on thick mattresses, queen-sized beds, adult beds and on platform beds. These bed rails are quite easy to use as you can fold their one side down whenever you want. These bed rails are perfect for beds that you place in the middle of rooms. Moreover, this bed rail meets the ASTM’s safety standard for bed rails.

  • Easy to install: The installation of these bed rails is quite simple and easy. You just need to adjust these bed rails then fix them together by hooking with each other under the mattress.
  • Economical: These bed rails by Summer Infant are reasonably priced you can get this set in almost $40.
  • Washable material: You can easily clean these bed rails with the soapy cloth as their mesh is of nylon & polyester and the frame is of metal.
  • You cannot use these bed rails singly: You can only use these bed rails in pairs. You cannot use them as a single bed rail as you have to hook the two rails together for setting up.

4) Dream On Me Bed Rail:


If you’re looking for something lightweight than these bed rails by dream on me are the top choice for you. These bed rails are perfect for small-sized beds or twin mattresses. Because of its compact size, you can also carry these bed rails with you if you want. The design of these bed rails is perfect for small kids’ mattresses as they come with adjustable security rail straps using which you can easily set them on your child’s mattress. These bed rails have mesh consisting of child-safe fabric and there are no catch edges as well. You can prevent any unwanted gaps with the brace that holds the bed rail firmly at its place and you can be sure that there’s no shifting, moving or slipping of bed rails during the night. The assembling of these toddler bed rails is really quick and easy, and you don’t need any tools for setting it up.

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  • Stabilizer bar: This bed rail is super secure for your kids as it contains stabilizer bars that stabilize these bed rails every time they move.
  • No catch edges: The edges of this bed rails are round making it safe and secure for children. Because of these round edges, the risk of injuries reduces.
  • Lightweight & easy to carry around: These bed rails are light in weight therefore, you can also carry them with you if you go on vacations.
  • Size: This bed rail is only suitable for twin-sized beds. You cannot use it on larger beds.

5) ComfyBumpy Bed Rail:


These bed rails by ComfyBumpy are really suitable for every size bed. You can easily use these bed rails on your double, king- or queen-sized beds easily. These bed rails are super secure as you fix them using heavy-duty Velcro and straps that you can fix onto the wood base of your beds. Installing these bed rails for kids on your bed is quite simple you just need to fix them with your bed using whichever method you find convenient. With its curved pull-down design, it can completely fit around the bed of any size. And the best part is its price, you can easily get these amazing toddler bed rails for as low as $70.

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  • Extra Long Bed Rails: These bed rails by ComfyBumpy come in extra-long length size as well as in regular. Because of this, you can easily fit it on the bed of any size.
  • Triple Safety: It is the only bed rails for kids that comes with triple safety features. It has tightly secure slats, springs with Velcro as well as box springs with straps that you can use to tie under the mattress.
  • Easy Installation: The installation of these bed rails is very easy it comes with a five minutes video with installation instructions.
  • This bed rail for kids has no downsides other than that its mesh is unremovable.
  • You cannot wash its mesh as it is unremovable.

Benefits of Using Bed Rails:

No one wants to bear additional expenses, being a parent myself I’m well aware that how costly it is to raise a child. So, in this situation, you must be thinking why you should invest in a bed rail? There are numerous reasons why you must buy a bed safety rail for your kids’ bed and some of them are:

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Makes your kids’ bed safe and secure:

After installing bed rails on your baby’s bed you can enjoy peace of mind. Because with a bed guard rail you can ensure that your child is sleeping safely in his/her bed without the fear of falling off the bed.

Helps in getting your kids adjusted in their own beds:

Bed-side rails will help your kids to adjust in their beds when you shift them from cradle to their new beds. Full-size bed rails help in creating that sense of safety and security that they felt when they were in their cradle. Installing bed-side rails can help you in transferring your baby from cradle to bed easily without any tension.

Can make an adult bed into a baby’s sleeping place:

If you want to share your bed with your little one but you are afraid that they might roll off during sleep. Then all you need are queen bed rails or full-size bed rails. You can easily find bed rails for your adult bed; you can use bed rails like Regalo bed rails on any adult bed. Therefore, if you want to bed share with your baby a bed rail can help you in ensuring your kids’ safety while you both enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Give a sense of surety:

Once you install bed rails on your kid’s bed you can also sleep in peace knowing that your kids are sleeping safely now.


Here are some of the most common queries of parents:

When is the right time to start using bed rails?

When you move your baby from cradle to bed you should install bed rails on the bed.

At what age you should stop using bed rails?

This depends entirely upon you. Whenever you start feeling that your kid can sleep independently without one you can stop using it.

How can you fit bed rails?

Setting up bed rails on your bed can be quite easy almost all the bed rails come with an instruction manual or video about installation.

Do we really need bed rails?

Yes, you should use bed rails as they help your kid sleeping in their new place safely.


To cut it short, bed rails are really important if you are trying to move your baby from his/her cradle to a bed. So, you must think wisely before getting one as your child’s safety depends on it. The transition of babies from cradles is a major step in their growth. Adjusting your little angel in your bed or in their separate beds can be a bit frightening for parents. Here’s when these bed rails come in handy, as they give you a sense of added safety for your child.

After installing bed rails on the bed where your kid sleeps, you can be at peace that he/she’s safe from falling off the bed while sleeping. However, no matter what type of safety measures you use, letting your child sleep independently in a separate bed can be hard for you. But with the passage of time, you will get used to it and your baby will feel more independent in his separate bed.

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